The Best Step by Step Guide on How to clean Marble Countertops?

What most of us don’t relish is the apprehension that occurs with mopping and cherishing for the porous exterior responsive to depicting and discoloring, peculiarly in the kitchen.

Carefulness for the vintage elegance of a marble exterior can be a piece of cake. So, how to clean marble countertops for bathrooms and kitchens?


The first hint is to provide for marble’s tidiness. When you spill over the orange juice, tomato sauce or wine, something containing acid, the marble surface might be sustained etching.  If it is not mopped straightway, the acid bath acts up and gnaws the calcium carbonate in the marble, designing enduring stampings that look like dim, tan marks on the stone. Depending on how much light falls on the marble area, you might observe the distinct level of that etching. One appropriate idea for you: visit any public places like restaurants or bars which providing the marble area inside. Inspecting it well, you realize how delightful you might be with that marble heaven.


You will be astonished to know what cleaning products are safe to use on marble:

 Common water and soup are able to generate a miracle. It concerns only cases without harmful acid influence before. Foamy and warm water along with a sensitive sponge are outstanding means for proper mopping and considered as best marble countertop cleaner.

The prominent marble coatings are gleamy and sharpen. A glistening coating has a silky skin, mirrors light displays the tone and blazing on the stone. A honed coating is gentle with limited illumination contemplation. They are completely suitable for stairs or floors. Kitchen marble countertops are commonly the place number one you will catch etching.


To implement an aerosol sealant once a month can be one of the most appropriate ways for purification. The sealing will not let stains go through rapidly. If the spots have penetrated to marble surface, please don’t be frustrated as the Marble Institute proposes the mentioned below solving for prevalent troubles. Let’s go further to find out what cleaning products are safe to use on marble:


  • Oil-based blemishes like fat, oil, cosmetics: scrub table top tenderly with a smooth fluid detergent, household cleaner, ammonia.
  • Organic spots like tea or coffee or fruit: wash with a combination of 12% hydrogen peroxide and a few ammonia drops.
  • Rust stains, peculiar to steel: such spots on countertop have to be taken off with a plaster. In reality, they might be enduring.
  • Dye-stuff spots: Limited quantity can be erased from the countertop with varnish thinner or scraped off delicately with a razor. 
  • Smoke blemishes: Monetary smoke eradication products are available. You should communicate with a stone professional for further instructions.
  • Water circles: glaze with dry steel wool.


If you are prosperous in erasing the blemishes and wish to hit the etching, the MIA recommends moistening the area with water and spraying on marble glazing powder. The next actions will shed light on how to polish marble countertop. Scrub the powder into the stone with a moist fabric or work with a buffing pad with a low-speed power auger or polisher. Proceed buffing until the etch spot goes away and the marble surface gleams. Honing may be obliged for deep etching.


If blemishes are notably persistent, you are free to implement a poultice, or mopping agent like paste. Commercial poultices mixed in advance requiring only water can be obtained from companies serving stone.  They know how to clean old marbleThe process of the application of disinfect on countertop should be unambiguous. The Marble Institute recommends covering the compress to be about ¼ to ½ inch thick, beyond the outside of the blemish. Please work with a wood or plastic spatula to spread the paste precisely.


After you have spread the paste on the countertop, please cover it with plastic wrap and adopt painter’s tape to fasten the edges down. Let it perch for a day or two. Afterward, take off the plastic and oblige the poultice to drain. The drying process should remove the blemish from the stone countertop.  Once it has drained, erase the blend with a wood or plastic scraper, please wet out with distilled water and take moisture out of with a fluffy fabric. 

There is one more wonderful advice from the Marble Institute on how to clean old marble. They know what cleaning products are safe to use on marble. Frequent mopping makes floors delighted. Please tidy them with a gentle, phosphate-free biodegradable liquid soap. It can be powder, or a stone soap as well. Soapless disinfectants reduce strokes and coating. After mopping, you may bathe it with pure water and dehumidify.


Be mindful of disinfectants that involve acid, such as restroom disinfectants, grout disinfectants along with tile cleaners, causing etching. Please be aware that steel attachments and worn-out wheels of any hoover are not appropriate at all for a marble countertop.


If you select to handle marble in your bathroom, you will generate the correct solution. Moreover, it may be a harmless choice for your countertop as the stone won’t be endangered to the same type of approach it would get in the kitchen countertop.

To reduce soap foam in the bathroom, the perfect approach to work with a squeegee after each application is to rinse off the water and slag. The Marble Institute advises washing with a nonacid slag remover along with a blend of ½ cup ammonia and one gallon of water. Simultaneously, it signals that persistent practice of an ammonia fluid may someday cause tarnish the countertop.


Please delicately seal the marble in the bathroom, peculiarly in the pan of a shower. Avoid practicing bleach. If you do it, it will weaken the entire gleam. Keep to simple soap and water. Having an appropriate pad, able to preserve the marble, might be an optimal approach to sustain your marble countertop. It works the right way if you desire to amuse and repeatedly utilize your marble countertop for foodstuff service. I expect that you will embrace all of the above tips. Now, you are familiar with what cleaning products are safe to use on marble and how to clean old marble.


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